Pink viscose fabric

Viscose is an artificial fiber made from celluloses extracted from wood pulp which comes from the trees and also some plants such as bamboo, soya or sugar cane.

Cellulose’s research led to viscose fiber discover back in 1891, this is the oldest of the artificial fibers but was only at 1905, after many tests, that its fibers were transformed into yarns then woven into fabric, becoming the first artificial made fabric.

Despite its origin is in natural source, this can’t be considered a natural fiber because, during the production process, cellulose is dissolved into a chemical solution and only then is generated the fiber that will be used to create viscose yarns.

Even though, viscose is considered a sustainable alternative to cotton or polyester and it’s popular for garment manufacturing, being cheaper and more resistant than silk.

Several viscose features are related to cotton ones since source is similar but it has a different hand feel, being often more flaring and smoother. It also habitually has mechanical elasticity, showing great humidity absorption.

Viscose is breathable and provides comfort to the wearer, being fresh and flatter in contact with the skin, which makes it popular for summer wardrobe selection.

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