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Batik - Fabric that is resulted from using Wax to give shape to the dyeing on the fabric, Removing the Wax on the Fabric to allow the Dye to reach the fabric and avoiding certain parts of the fabric getting dyed, the fabric can be dyed several times by re-applying the Wax


Bird’s Eye - Fabric made of Wool, in which along the Fabric it has the repetition of the same geometric pattern, similar to, as the name suggests to a Bird’s eye


Brocart - Considered a Luxurious Fabric that takes its inspiration from, golden or silver ornaments. it’s remarkable by its elaborate raised design that usually uses golden or silver lines. The fabric is in almost all cases thick and dense which also possesses some floating thread to create a shiny and luxurious surface.



Canvas - Fabric usually made from cotton or linen, with polyvinyl chloride. It differs from other heavy denim fabrics like denim in being plain weave rather than twill weave

 Chiffon - Originally made from Silk, now can be made from other materials as well, it’s extremely light and this, and visually it’s semi-transparent, although these light characteristics it’s very resistant and though the fabric.

Corduroy - Fabric with Weft normally made of Cotton Velvet, very dense, resistant and thick which usually is displayed of tufted cords parallel to each other

 Crepe -Fabric that can be made from silk, wool, or synthetic fibre which the yarns are highly twisted which as a result, visually displays the surface a distinct crisp and crimped appearance, making a rippling effect on the fabric.




Denim - Fabric made of Cotton using twill weave , in which the weft yarn passes under two or more warps.



Flannel - Fabric made from Wool or Cotton can be taffeta or twill weave, with low twist yarns on the weft which is thicker than yarns on the Warp which allows the Fabric to be carded in order to become soft and warm



Jacquard - Fabric made of Cotton, Silk or other Fibbers that exhibits a pattern with texture. It is created through the combination of yarns of different colours that alternate in the loom needles.



Organza - Fabric made of Silk or Synthetic Fibbers, very light and thin, almost transparent, distinct from other silk fabrics duo to its strictness


Oxford - Fabric usually made of Cotton; however, it can be made of several mixtures, it has a taffeta structure, that has a white warp and a coloured weft



Panama - Fabric that can be made of different material, which its characterized by its natte structure, that is similar to taffeta but results in square patterns in the fabric, the use will vary depending on its composition and density


Pied de Poule - Fabric that can be made from several materials, but it has ligaments of twill, the yarns are made of different colors in the weft and warp and they alternate between 4 to 4 stiches.


Pie de Coq - Fabric that can be made from several materials, it has ligaments of Croisé or Natté in two or more yarns, in which the color from warp and weft are different from one another, and those alternate between four to four stiches.


Pique - Fabric made of Natural Fibber or Viscose, it has a weft with texture shaped as rhombus in the right side of the fabric and is the fabric is plain in the reversed side


Popeline - Fabric that is tradionally made of silk or patented wool, being now made of Cotton of high quality, it has a characteristic of having structurally a high-density warp and low-density weft.



Velvet – It’s a fabric made of synthetic or natural fibbers, in which the yarns are evenly distributed being short and thick, making the fabric very rugged, shiny and soft.


Vichy - Fabric made 100% of Cotton, using taffeta structure, in which it uses a checked pattern in the Fabric.



Tartan / Scottish - Fabric traditionally made from Wool, Cotton or mixed fabrics, it uses thick yarns of different colours which are symmetric in its weft and warp, resulting in a check pattern. This Fabric is inspired by the Scottish clan Culture


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