Unisex fabric for suits or separate items as skirts, dresses and trousers. Classic and comfortable material with high performance to get the perfect fit.

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The Concept

Minimum quantity order from 1 meter

More than 20 000 references catalogued and 7500 references available online Ready2go

You can request samples

Support the searching and development of your collection

After more than 30 years In industry

we continue to grow as a reference for several designers and creatives, among fashion industry. Believing that each of you has a unique perspective, makes us want to help you spreading it.
Acknowledging that the only thing that is even more difficult than starting a business in fashion industry, is to keep it, you’ll find in F4F the input you’ll need.
Acting like a partner, supporting with sourcing and supplying the raw material, Fabric4Fashion is one of the few platforms that gathers more than 7000 fabric references, with so many different colors and features that represent the industry’s latest trends, with a team available to help you finding the right fabrics without requiring any minimums.


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