About F4F


Fabrics4Fashion is a specialist fabric supplier for the designer, fashion and couture market. It’s quite simply, we are fabric lovers, a destination point for the creative and sewing community, offering an incredible selection of the finest European fabrics and assisting the designer in the selection of fabrics for garments following the world’s trends.



A project that has been under development for over than 15 years, blending the creative and operational departments, gradually executing the cataloging of fabrics, resulting in an incredible fabric library.



Working as a team we marry the success of our fabrics with our customers' garment designs.

After many years in the industry, we continue to grow and our comprehensive ranges consist of contemporary, high-quality cloths.

The formula has proved to be very popular among top designers and in 2014 we decided to officially open our “virtual” doors with our first online store, with a team of old souls full of new and unique ideas, all distributed in the fields of photography, marketing, design, business and web development.
We are proud to be actively engaged in our community through donations to schools and young aspiring designers. We have established these channels as an ideal mean to mitigate fabric waste, and support the evolution of our young creatives.
We believe that there are already a lot of mass-produced fabrics and clothing, so our focus has always been to bring existing fabrics to life, allowing us to further avoid the harmful cycle it creates for the environment. We believe it is important for us to manage our business consciously, with thought and concern for the future of our world and environment.
Our aim is to provide an alternative option within a fast fashion market and society. We are big supporters of home sewing and appreciate the time and care that goes into creating clothes by hand. We believe that creative endeavors like handcrafts can also have a profound impact on our well-being.


Commitment, teamwork and continuous improvement are the keywords we follow, in order to always achieve the satisfaction of our customers. Here at FABRICS4FASHION, we are not just a team, we are a family and our great and continuous objective is to expand and keep on growing.