Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, 
Standard 4-5 Days (0-10kg) - € 25,00 EUR
Standard 4-5 Days (11-20kg) - € 39,00 EUR
Standard 4-5 Days (21-30kg*) - € 55,00 EUR
Samples - € 10,00 EUR

Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia
Standard 4-5 Days (0-10kg) - € 35,00 EUR
Standard 4-5 Days (11-20kg) - € 50,00 EUR
Standard 4-5 Days (21-30kg*) - € 70,00 EUR
Samples - € 15,00 EUR


Standard 4-5 Days (0-10kg) - € 40,00 EUR
Standard 4-5 Days (11-20kg) - € 65,00 EUR
Standard 4-5 Days (21-30kg*) - € 100,00 EUR
Samples - € 25,00 EUR

Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden
Standard 4-5 Days (0-10kg) - € 60,00 EUR
Standard 4-5 Days (11-20kg) - € 75,00 EUR
Standard 4-5 Days (21-30kg*) - € 95,00 EUR
Samples - € 35,00 EUR

Denmark, Ireland
Standard 4-5 Days (0-10kg) - € 25,00 EUR
Standard 4-5 Days (11-20kg) - € 40,00 EUR
Standard 4-5 Days (21-30kg*) - € 50,00 EUR
Samples - € 10,00 EUR

United Kingdom
Standard 4-5 Days (0-10kg) - € 55,00 EUR
Standard 4-5 Days (11-20kg) - € 65,00 EUR
Standard 4-5 Days (21-30kg*) - € 85,00 EUR
Samples - € 30,00 EUR

Standard 4-5 Days (0-10kg) - € 60,00 EUR
Standard 4-5 Days (10-20kg) - € 80,00 EUR
Samples - € 15,00 EUR

Standard 4-5 Days (0-15kg) - € 50,00 EUR
Samples - € 20,00 EUR

Standard 4-5 Days (0-5kg) - € 40,00 EUR
Standard 4-5 Days (5-15kg) - € 55,00 EUR
Samples - € 25,00 EUR

Standard 4-5 Days (0-10kg) - € 20,00 EUR
Standard 4-5 Days (11-20kg) - € 34,00 EUR
Standard 4-5 Days (21-30kg*) - € 50,00 EUR
Samples - € 10,00 EUR

Balearic Islands (Spain)
Standard 8-10 Days (0-10kg) - € 40,00 EUR
Samples - € 25,00 EUR

Standard 1-3 Days (0-20kg) - € 10,00 EUR
Standard 1-3 Days (20-30kg) - € 20,00 EUR
Standard 1-3 Days (30-50kg) - € 25,00 EUR
Samples - € 5,00 EUR

Madeira & Azores Islands (Portugal)
Standard 8-10 Days (0-10Kg) - € 45,00 EUR
Samples - € 30,00 EUR

USA & Canada
Standard 1-3 Days (0-5kg) - € 75,00 EUR
Standard 1-3 Days (5-10kg) - € 165,00 EUR
Samples - € 35,00 EUR




Shipping for other destinations or *orders above 30kg, please contact us directly by phone: +351 255 880 902 or by email:




Delivery: Where and When

We ship products from Monday to Friday from 9h to 18h. Except on holidays and vacations. We can only fulfill an order delivery if the delivery address is a home or an office located in the countries mentioned in the list of countries available in the purchasing process.

To receive the order is necessary to ensure someone is at home. This service does not include scheduling option or booking, so the order delivery will be made without prior contact by the carrier. We do not assure deliveries on Christmas period.

A delivery or a product are considered complete with the signature on the delivery receipt at the agreed address.

Delivery Time

Except in case of stock rupture, your order will be shipped on the working day after we receive payment confirmation. This can take between 3-5 working days. (weekends and holidays are not considered working days)

FABRICS4FASHION will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in perform of, any of obligations that is caused by events outside our reasonable control.

We will try to deliver on time, to the extent that this is commercially reasonable. We always normally proceed this way; however, we can not guarantee the timely delivery.

Inspection upon delivery

Upon delivery, you must inspect the package in order to check for possible damages. If you consider the products to be damaged, you shall not accept delivery, which will be returned. FABRICS4FASHION will refund the amounts paid for the order and transport as soon as the return is received and the return process is complete.


Shipping costs relate to each order. The exact price of each shipment depends on the country of delivery. Shipping price by country is estimated on the purchase process and displayed for your information and agreement.

Shipments for foreign countries: International shipments may be subject to customs duties and import taxes upon entry into the country of destination over which we are unaware. You should contact your local authorities to take notice of these fees and the respective values that differ from country to country and over which we have no knowledge.





Cancelling order before shipping

You may cancel any order, since this has not yet been sent, in the case of purchase through the online store, you must contact FABRICS4FASHION and request your order cancellation. If the cancelling request is accepted, you will be notified via e-mail on this decision and cancellation will be processed with no cost to you. If the cancelling request is not possible, products will always be invoiced and shipped to you.

Returns of items purchased through the online store:

Always check the items upon order reception.

After the proper reception and if you wish to return the product, either because you’re not satisfied with the same, or because it is defective, you must request via email to within 14 days after receipt of order, the replacement of the item or refund of the paid amount, stating the reason why.

Upon receipt of the return request, product collection will be processed by FABRICS4FASHION timely.

However, the right to return only occurs, provided that the products:

Have not been manipulated and maintain the original features.

Keep the original features and packaging is not damaged (the carefully opened packages will not be considered damaged).

Are complete.

Have not been adulterated and keep the identification label.

Upon receipt of the return and being all the above requirements satisfied, FABRICS4FASHION will replace  the item or refund the paid amount, as will expressed by the client. In case there is a product with the same features you will be offered a replacement with quality and characteristics equal to or greater than the originally ordered. The invoice price will be the one from the replacement and not the one from the originally ordered.

Refund of the paid amount will always be processed using the same method of payment used on the purchase.

The right to replace the product or refund of the amount paid, will only occur if proven, the defect is originated in the fabric.

In addition, fabric must:

Have not been manipulated and maintain the original features.

Have not been adulterated and keep the identification label.

Be properly packed in order to avoid damage on the return transportation.

Suggestions or claims

Any suggestions or complaints may be addressed through the e-mail