Wrinkled black printed velvet, luxurious fabric with a really fun print that will brighten up your winter closet.

The Art of Velvet

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Velvet is a soft, luxurious and elegant fabric characterized by a dense pile of evenly cut fibers. It has a wonderful fit and a shiny appearance due to the particularities of its short-haired fibers.

For years, velvet has come to represent the world of fashion accessories and decoration, thanks to the sophisticated feeling it conveys. Velvet is very popular for special occasion clothing as it was initially made from silk.

Nowadays, with the technological evolution of looms, the production costs of velvet have been reduced, making it more affordable, and it is now made from cotton, linen, wool, mohair and synthetic fibers such as viscose, nylon and polyester, which allowed it to be more incorporated into everyday life.

 Wrinkled black silk velvet with body but also very delicate, with a soft drape and shimmering surface, perfect option for festive dresses.

Black Silk Velvet 1460


Wrinkled olive-green crystal velvet, made by cotton modal blend, luxurious, breathable and comfortable, perfect for elegant cocktail clothing or home décor.
Olive Green Crystal Velvet 1513


How is Velvet made?

Although various materials are used to make velvet, the process is always the same.

Velvet can only be woven on a special loom that weaves two layers of fabric simultaneously, then separates them and wrapped into rolls.

Velvet is made with vertical yarn, while velveteen is made with horizontal yarn, even so, both are manufactured following the same processes.

 What’s the difference between Velvet, Velveteen and Velour?

Velvet, Velveteen and Velour are fabrics that differ in terms of weave and composition.

  • Velvet is a soft, shiny, draping fabric made from a variety of fibers, with a high pile effect and no stretch.
  • Velveteen is woven with a shorter pile effect than velvet. It’s heavier and duller, draped, unlike Velvet which is softer, smoother and shinier.
  • Velour is a fabric that can be made, for example, of cotton and polyester and that resembles velvet. It’s very soft and stretchy and has a high pile effect. It's shiny and a little draped.


Different types of Velvet:

There are several types of velvet, as it can be made from a variety of different materials.

  • Chiffon Velvet

A very transparent velvet that is often used in more formal or evening wear.


  • Crushed Velvet

As the name suggests, this type of velvet has a wrinkled appearance, obtained by twisting the fabric while it’s still wet. Shinny velvet with a unique texture.


  • Embossed Velvet

A velvet with words or symbols printed from the pressure of a heat stamp on the velvet. Very popular in decoration.


  • Hammered Velvet

This type of velvet is stained due to firm pressure. It looks just like animal fur.


  • Lyons Velvet

Very dense, rigid and luxurious velvet, ideal for outerwear.


  • Panne Velvet

This type of velvet is crushed and then the pile is pressed in one direction.


  • Utrecht velvet

Frizzed velvet, ideal for evening wear.


  • Voided Velvet

A velvet with patterns made from areas with different pile lengths. Very common in upholstery.


  • Ring Velvet

Very light and thin velvet like Velvet Chiffon.

 The art of Velvet is long and exceptional as is its texture and feel. It’s a special fabric that holds a place in the hearts of many, and for this reason, don't forget to check out our collection of high-quality Velvet Fabrics.


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