Wrinkled navy embroidery silk fabric with white floral motifs over a navy background, ideal for statement party looks or even luxurious homeware

Embroidered Fabrics

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Embroidered Fabrics – History, techniques and utilities

Embroidered fabrics are fabrics decorated with techniques and materials external to the fabric itself.

To make an embroidery, you can use thread, pearls, beads, sequins or any other types of accessories, depending on your intention of the embroidery.

The embroidery technique was born from the tailoring processes, from the practice of patches, and from the reinforcements of the fabrics itself.

However, this technique has developed over time and currently, you can find embroidered fabrics in various parts of the world such as Europe, Asia or even in countries belonging to the Middle East. This way, we can say that with the evolution of this technique, different types of embroidery emerged, which can be used in almost all fabrics.

Here are some examples:

  • Cross Stitch: the cross stitch technique is usually performed on Aida fabric. This technique consists of creating drawings through the formation of cross-shaped points.

  • Embroidery in Relief: this technique consists of creating reliefs drawn on the fabric and for this, it is necessary to use thicker lines or create layers of embroidered lines on the fabric.

Wrinkled navy embroidery silk fabric with white floral motifs over a navy background, ideal for statement party looks or even luxurious homeware.
Navy Embroidery Silk 5257
  • Needle Painting: this is a technique that combines the use of the needle with the line and drawing techniques related to the plastic arts or painting. Through this type of technique, you can create very realistic drawings.

  •  Painting and Embroidery: this is a mixed technique where you can mix textile painting with the use of thread and thereby, create unique and original pieces in hand-painted fabrics.

  •  Embroidered with Accessories: in this type of technique, beads or sequins are embroidered on the fabric, which gives an original and sometimes irreverent touch to the garment. This technique is often used in pants (jeans) or in cooler sweaters.

  • Wrinkled floral printed sequin fabric with the richness of sequin application this fabric results from the combination of a transparent base with a floral print, making it perfect for jackets, cocktail dresses and also outstanding details

    Fancy Floral Printed Sequin Fabric 2350


    Wrinkled brown silk sequins joining the elegance of silk with richness of the sequin application. Extremely trendy fabric with a combination of transparency with silver and dark bronze tones
    Brown Silk Sequins 2487

    We can conclude that, nowadays, it is possible to explore different types of embroidery and this technique can be used in all fabrics and even in different types of clothing such as blouses, sweaters, pants or dresses, in accessories such as caps, wallets, sneakers and even household items such as towels, pillows and tablecloths.

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