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How to make a sustainable brand

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Sustainability is a very popular term these days and one of the major concerns companies in almost every industry have.

It has become essential for companies to become more sustainable due to the unusual natural disasters that happen every day because of global warming.

But how can I make my company more sustainable?

What sustainable measures can I insert in the company’s performance, in the tasks execution and in the daily lives of my workers?

We have the answers!

  1. Use sustainable raw materials

This is the most basic measure!

In the context of fashion and clothing production, the use of sustainable raw materials is essential for the company to become more sustainable.

Therefore, priority should be given to the use of environmentally friendly fabrics, such as organic cotton, hemp, linen, lenpur and lyocell.

  1. Reuse raw materials

We know that when the manufacturing process of the garments arrives, there will remain some fabrics, fabrics that can have a new life or even be a new source of income for you!

This means that you will be able to sell the fabrics without a minimum order quantity. And, we are sure this will please many fashion professionals in the world, especially those who are at the beginning of their career.

  1. Avoid wasting energy and raw materials

One of the fundamental steps to make a company more sustainable is saving raw materials and energy sources.

So, when making the garments, try to save fabrics and other raw materials as much as possible.

On the other hand, you should also advise company employees not to waste energy sources throughout their working day. 

  1. Use renewable energy in factory operation

Nowadays, renewable energies are quite popular and there are many entrepreneurs who use them in their workplaces.

However, only using renewable energy in the company’s performance can turn into a big investment. But we guarantee, this same investment will help the planet and still help you save money in long term.

  1. Explore sustainable habits with your workers

In addition to encouraging your workers not to use electricity or water at non-essential times, you can also distribute recycling containers throughout your company, where employees can divide their trash: paper, plastic or glass objects.

You can also advise them to take reusable bottles, cloths, cutlery and plates to the workplace or offer these same objects as a form of merchandising or communication of your company's brand. With this action you will not only be environmentally friendly, but you’ll also promote your company's brand.

If you think it's hard to adopt all of the steps in a near future, you can start by choosing the one that seems easier to comply and start working on being more sustainable now!

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