Where does the fabric come from?

Where does the fabric come from?

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Fabric is made of woven yarns, twisted from several fibers. The fiber will define the main features of the fabric such as its hand feel, its use or its performance.
To get to know all the fiber properties help us to make a more conscient selection when it comes to buy.

There are three types of fibers:

- Natural fibers which are from animal or vegetal origins. The fabrics made from natural fibers last longer and are more comfortable, allowing higher breathability, becoming fresher and avoiding smells. Some examples of the most common natural fibers are cotton, wool, silk or linen although today any vegetable can actually be transformed into a fiber.

- Synthetic fibers which are developed in laboratories and the most common raw material is oil. These fabrics usually are faster to dry, don’t easily crease, have great durability, being easy to wash and having a good color fastness performance. The more common synthetic fibers are Polyamide, Polyester, Elastane or Acrylic and nowadays these can have specific finishes that will provide them some features from other fibers.

- Artificial fibers, also developed in laboratories but transformed from natural raw materials with cellulosic and protein origins. Fabrics made of these fibers are usually really resistant having a pleasant hand feel, keeping the fresh and breathability of its natural origin. Viscos, Rayon, Lyocell, Cupro or Acetate are some of the examples.

The combination of properties from each fiber will allow fabrics to get certain specific features.

Welcome to Fabrics4Fashion fabric guide where we will share many curiosities to whom it may concern.

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