Is this fabric sustainable?

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Which production methods are least harmful to the environment?

Does it wear out the environment intensely when it is produced?

Do you use chemical agents in fabric production?

Is it biodegradable or recyclable?

These are the questions you have to answer.

Being aware of information about the production process and the raw material, and possible subsequent and final damage, is the best way to find out if the fabric is really sustainable or not.

Find out some great examples of sustainable fabrics and act with us, always with an ecological point of view.

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About Polyester

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Polyester is by far the fiber with the biggest number of purposes, showing high performance at all levels but with the years, it has probably become the least popular.

Developed with laboratory resources, first in the 20th century, it is made from a strong and stable combination of chemical properties with many variations, according to the usage purpose. Polymers – group of all the existing variations – have changed the world: they are everywhere. Bottles, technological devices, cars, fabrics are just a few of the upgrade poly fibers brought into the world.

Fabrics made of polyester are durable, shrinking-resistant, great performance when it comes to color fastness, to drying and washing, everything because since it is produced in labs the threads are continual unlike natural fibers, which are made from several smaller and split filaments.

Polyester has also a very important plus: it is cheaper and faster to produce. However, with the years and a more concerned perspective on the world’s waste effects, fabrics made of polyester have met several changes. With improved thermic performance, there are now so many finishing types that its handfeel can easily be mistaken with a fabric made with a natural and expensive fiber. It is also responsible for the techno fabrics, with important features when it comes to water and winter proof performance.

The greater new is nowadays, there are many techniques that support the reuse and the recycling of polyester.

The greater new is nowadays, there are many techniques that support the reuse and the recycling of polyester.

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Where does the fabric come from?

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Types, Properties, Manufacturing Processes, and Fabric Care

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