Top 5 fabrics for your summer clothing are: linen, lace, silk, chiffon and organza

Best fabrics for summer clothing

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There are some fabrics that are indispensable for your summer closet. These fabrics are, as a rule, lighter, cooler, more breathable, sometimes more transparent and should help you feel comfortable on intense sunny days. If you don't know which fabrics we are talking about, pay attention to the examples we leave here:


  1. LINEN

Linen is a very light type of fabric and is increasingly used these days due to its natural and sustainable properties. This fabric is usually found in white, beige and brown colors and is perfect to create loose and light pants, as well as comfortable and casual shirts, and can be used with other types of fabrics or as total look fabric.


  1. LACE

Lace is a delicate and sophisticated fabric made of threads in an open pattern. This type of fabric can be constructed manually or by machine and can be a part of decorative detail of a piece of clothing (in silk, for example) or it can be the only fabric of a piece of clothing. Lace is one of the ideal fabrics to use on summer days due to its lightness and transparency and through lace it is possible to make skirts, sweaters and pants, and sometimes it’s necessary to add a lining to the garment to give it more structure and sobriety to the look. 


  1. SILK

Silk is, like linen, a fabric that is derived from natural materials and, for this reason, it is also highly valued today. Silk fabrics can be found in various colours as green, blue, red, grey, white, black or pink. This fabric is popular for its shiny appearance and soft touch. Silk is the ideal fabric for making more sophisticated dresses or cool blouses to be used on summer nights.



Chiffon is one of the favorite fabrics of the warmest season of the year, due to its lightness and transparency. This fabric is usually a little sheer and for that reason, most chiffon garments need the support of a lining. Chiffon adds movement, light and a sophisticated look to garments and can be used to make skirts, casual or formal dresses and summer shirts.  


Like the fabrics mentioned above, organza is also a light, fresh and transparent fabric. It’s an easily brittle fabric, which facilitates the act of sewing or dyeing the garments. Organza is very similar to cotton in terms of durability, but it is a fabric that is even thinner and more transparent than cotton, which makes it perfect for doing cooler garments such as blouses, skirts, dresses and scarves, ideal for the hottest days of the year!

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