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Digitalization in Fashion and Sustainability

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Digitalization in Fashion and Sustainability

Digitalization is a tool or working method that is currently present in many industries, including the fashion and apparel industry.

In fashion, digitalization represents a fundamental and inevitable step towards meeting the needs and desires of increasingly demanding consumers. This way of working will help companies optimize their costs and to be more sustainable, among other things.

First of all, it is important to know that the techniques related to digitalization will change the relationship and the interaction between the manufacturer, the fashion buyer and the final consumer.

This means that, due to digitalization, the customer will have a unique and innovative experience when he realizes that he can try on and buy clothes online, at any time of the day and without leaving home, as well as seeing in advance fabrics and clothes that are yet to be produced.

In addition to this, it will also be possible for the customer to be invited to customize their clothes, as well as to get some recommendations for clothes in specific sizes and cuts, according to their physical measurements.

Also, digitalization will also be very profitable for the clothing brand or factory because, through this innovative work method, the factory or brand will be able to reach a greater number of people around the world and will be able to convey in a clear and transparent (through social networks posts) what are its principles and working methods.

Regarding sustainability, digitalization will allow clothing manufacturers to create virtual showrooms, online stores where the customer can try, use and order clothes quickly, easily and intuitively.

This type of technology will ensure that the production of clothing is not done in large quantities and will help reduce the company's costs such as the costs of returns and renting a space for a fashion show or a physical store.

So, as final consideration it is worth noting that a brand or a clothing factory and the digital experience are two types of businesses that need to be connected, as the digital and innovative experience of the consumer or customer can currently dictate the success or reach of a brand or clothing manufacturing company, around the whole world.

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