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What is Slow Fashion?

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Wrinkled linen fabric with a plain print. The slow fashion movement focuses on 3 actions: the prioritization of local resources, transparency in the production of garments and the use of sustainable and durable fabrics.

“Slow Fashion” was a concept that emerged in 2004 and it was created by the fashion writer Angela Murrills.

“Slow Fashion” appeared in the fashion world due to major concerns about the sustainability of the industry and in opposition to the expression “Fast Fashion”.

So, if the “Fast Fashion” concept means the fast consumption of clothing items produced industrially on a large scale with a massive exportation view, the term “Slow Fashion” is characterized by the opposite.

The “Slow Fashion” movement defends the production of clothing according to social rights, regarding the working conditions and environmental concerns related to the impacts that clothing production can cause on planet earth.

Therefore, we can say that the “Slow Fashion” movement is be based on very concrete and specific pillars, such as:

  • The prioritization of local resources: the “Slow Fashion” movement prioritizes local production, consumers and local natural resources, in order to slow down the phenomenon of globalization in fashion as well as its excessive consumption and waste;
  • Transparency in the production of garments: for “Slow Fashion” supporters, the production of garments must be carried out in a transparent way and, consequently, make the consumer aware of the real origin of the fabrics;
  •  The use of sustainable and durable fabrics: “Slow Fashion” supporters believe that if the garments are made from sustainable and more resistant fabrics, the pace of fashion consumption and waste will decrease.
This way, we can say that the “Slow Fashion” concept is a new term that emerged in the history of fashion, being directly linked to the concerns of sustainability regarding the fashion industry and we believe that this concept is trending and will have more followers over the next few years.


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