Wrinkled green fabric with floral motifs printed.

How to have a sustainable closet?

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Wrinkled green fabric with floral motifs printed. Five steps for a sustainable closet: visit second-hand clothing stores, reinvent pieces of your closet, buy clothes made of sustainable fabrics, wash your clothes only when necessary and respect the washing and care labels.

5 steps for a sustainable closet

Sustainability is the central topic of several industries, especially in the fashion sector. Day after day, consumers are more aware about the actions they can take to help the environment and preserve the planet earth.

In this article we are going to talk about 5 steps you can follow to make your closet more sustainable.

  • Visit second-hand clothing stores

Second-hand clothing stores are a very fashionable trend that is here to stay. So, search on the internet if there is a store in your area of residence. And if not, don't worry! Nowadays there are a lot of online platforms where second-hand clothes are sold within your country or even in other cities around the world.


  • Reinvent pieces of your closet that you no longer like or use

We all have clothes that we no longer like or identify with, right? These pieces of clothing can have a new life if we get creative. That means your old pair of pants can turn into new shorts or a long-sleeved shirt can turn into a summer sweater!


  • Buy clothes made of sustainable fabrics

The materials and fabrics in which clothes are made are very important today when it comes to renovating your closet, so you should opt for clothes made of sustainable fabrics, such as linen.


  • Wash your clothes only when it’s really necessary

Sometimes we wash some clothes that we’ve used just for a couple of hours and these clothes have not yet absorbed any smell or dirt. Therefore, we advise you to wash your clothes only when it is really necessary. And, with this measure you will save the life of your garment, save water and even reduce the emission of chemical agents into the oceans.


  • Respect the washing and care rules of the clothing labels

If you want your clothes to have a long life, read the wash labels before putting the clothes in the washer or dryer. If your clothes have a longer life, the probability of buying clothes on impulse and on a regular basis will be significantly reduced.

Having a sustainable closet isn't that difficult, right? Start by practicing one or two of the measures mentioned and start helping planet earth with simple but meaningful actions.

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