Collar Lines

Collar Lines

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Types of Collar Lines

Types of collar lines: convertible, jabot, crew, bow tie and turtleneck.
Due to the different processes and creative minds that exist in the fashion world nowadays, there are many shapes of necklines that can be part of the women's and men's wardrobe.
  • Convertible

This collar type gives the garment a more formal look and can be characterized by the presence of two or three buttons that are slightly below the neck area.
The Convertible neckline is similar to a classic shirt, having a couple buttons and a slight collar stand. It is usually used as polo shirts or sweaters. These can be made of cotton, for example!

  • Jabot

This type of collar line is a delicate and flowing detail and is usually found in formal and workwear, mainly for women.
The Jabot neckline is characterized by a knot made by the fabric of the blouse or shirt near to the neck, which results in the superposition of light and fluid fabrics.
Tops with this type of neckline can be made of chiffon or poplin, for example, giving the necessary flare for the perfect fit.

  • Crew

This is perhaps the most common and usual type of collar line in men's and women's sweaters and t-shirts.
The crew neckline gives the garment a more casual look, and can be used in any day-to-day situation and can also be adapted into professional clothes and uniforms made of cotton, for example.

  • Bow tie

The bow tie collar line is very similar to the jabot neckline, with the bow being tied around the neck area, flowing and falling on the chest.
This type of neckline is very common in formal and executive women's wardrobe and can be part of shirts, blouses or even dresses, usually made of light and fluid fabrics such as chiffon and poplin.

  • Turtleneck

The turtleneck neckline is what gives winter sweaters the designation of “high collar sweaters”, being used for both women and men wardrobes.
This type of neckline is a winter must-have and despite having a casual use, it also works perfectly on formal looks if styled with a classic blazer, for example.
The turtleneck sweaters are usually knitted and can be made of wool, cotton or blends with warmer fibres such as cashmere or acrylic.

We hope this helps you choosing the neckline you’ll create for your next project!

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