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Dress Lines

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Types of dress lines: a-line, empire, balloon, trapeze and v-line


Types of Dress Lines


Dresses are a fundamental and mandatory piece of clothing inside a woman's closet and they can be used throughout the year, in everyday occasions, in professional environments and especially in ceremonies and events.

With this article, you will find out what types of dress lines exist and the most appropriate way to use them.

  • A-Line

Dresses with the A-Line are elegant dresses that simulate the shape of the letter A. That is, on the shoulders and neckline it’s a little tight and the skirt widens from the waist to the ankle area.

These dresses can be used on more casual occasions if they’re made of lighter and more fluid fabrics such as viscose or on more formal occasions if they’re made of heavier and warmer fabrics such as jacquard fabric.

  • Empire

Dresses with the Empire Line are tight dresses at the neckline and very fluid in the skirt area. This type of dress usually has an elastic band or belt above the waist, giving the illusion that this garment is made up of two distinct parts.
This type of dress is ideal for casual occasions and is made from lighter and more fluid fabrics such as crepes or chiffons made from the most varied raw materials, from linen to polyester.

  • Balloon

Dresses with a Balloon Line are also slimmer dresses in the neckline area, and the dress skirt takes on a shape similar to a balloon. This dress is also usually composed of an elastic band or belt above the chest area and also contains another elastic band that sharply tapers the end of the skirt.
This type of dress is made from more structured fabrics such as jacquards and is often used in special events or ceremonies.

  • Trapeze

Dresses with a Trapeze Line are loose-fitting or oversized dresses and are made of heavier and warmer fabrics, such as fabrics made of wool or cotton blends, adorned with classic designs such as Vichy.
These dresses are very formal and therefore used in professional environments or very specific ceremonies and can be mixed with an oversize coat made of the same type of fabric as the dress, creating an elegant and appropriate look.

  • V-Line

V-Line dresses have a more formal cut and can be made from cooler fabrics like poplin, made for example from viscose and cotton or from a warmer fabric like velvet.

This type of dress is straighter in the neckline and sleeves and slightly taper along the skirt, which gives a very elegant and formal silhouette. And as such, it is used in more formal and professional events.

What is your favorite type of dress cut? Don't forget to buy the most appropriate fabric! 
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