Types of shirting fabrics: poplin, oxford and seersucker

Shirting Fabrics

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Types of shirting fabrics: poplin, oxford and seersucker

Ideal fabrics for making shirts

Shirts are an essential and mandatory piece of clothing, in every woman and man’s wardrobe.
This garment is very versatile in a women's wardrobe because it can be used in a casual moment of the day, in a more formal and professional occasion (if it has a classic cut) or even in a relaxed moment of vacation if it's a light, oversized shirt.
Regarding the men's wardrobe, the shirt is usually used in more formal and professional moments, although there are shirts made of lighter fabrics that can also be used in more relaxed events and situations.
Shirts are therefore a garment that adapts to different occasions and their relevance and usefulness is closely linked to the type of fabric from which the shirt is made.


  • Poplin

Poplin is one of the favorite fabrics for making men's and women's shirts due to the comfort and durability of this fabric.
Nowadays it is produced using different natural yarns, including cotton, silk, wool or synthetic yarns, although the natural yarns will give a greater feeling of lightness to the garment.
On the other hand, poplin can also be produced by mixing polyester, which will provide greater durability and easy-care to the garment.
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  • Oxford

Oxford fabric is one of the fabrics of choice for the shirts manufacturing, characterized by being a derivative of a taffeta that crosses colored weft with white warp, giving the garment a faux-plain appearance.
Blue Oxford is a classic in a man's wardrobe. However, the various color mixes make this type of shirt a true must-have.
Traditionally made of cotton, this fabric is comfortable, soft, versatile, easy to wash, has remarkable durability and is very resistant.
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  • Seersucker

Seersucker is a cotton fabric with a ruffle or wavy appearance in certain parts of the fabric.
This is a fun and light fabric and due to its wavy appearance, it does not need to be ironed and is, therefore, considered a very practical type of fabric, ideal to carry in your suitcase during summer holidays.
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