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Check Fabrics – Classic types of Checkered Fabrics

Fabrics with geometric patterns and in particular, with a checkered pattern are a very versatile type of pattern that can be used throughout all seasons of the year and on different occasions.
However, there are several types of fabrics with a checkered pattern and each of them has specific characteristics, as well as its most appropriate use.


  • Vichy Fabrics

Vichy fabric is characterized by the striped pattern in the warp and weft that woven together create this well-known checkered pattern.
It is believed that this fabric established itself as a fashion trend during the first half of the 20th century, having been used by iconic figures in fashion and cinema such as Brigitte Bardot.
Vichy fabric can be used in more casual, relaxed and fun looks, but it can also be seen in more formal looks if it is present in a jacket or pants with a more classic cut.
This fabric is also very common in accessories such as hats or shoes, ideal to combine with simpler and more discreet pieces of clothing and it still is the classic pattern widely used for household items such as tablecloths, or better known, picnic towels.

Check out some of our Vichy Fabrics like the  Stretch Vichy Cloud Pink 470, the Green and White Stretchy Vichy 2422, and the Vichy Twill Stretch Fabric 1620.

Amazing selection of vichy fabrics

 Tartan Fabrics

The Tartan fabric is a fabric characterized by lines of different thicknesses, equal in the warp and weft, creating perfect squares.
This type of fabric is easily associated with kilts, a traditional piece of clothing from Scotland, and can usually be seen in different types of clothing such as pants, coats and skirts. Skirts and shirts made of tartan fabric can be used on more casual occasions, or even in more formal moments if they are combined with more classic and discreet pieces of clothing.
Tartan was traditionally used as a family "Coat of Arms" among Scottish noble families, as each family created and recorded its own pattern.

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Tartan fabrics full of beautiful colors
  • Prince of Wales Fabrics

The Prince of Wales fabric is made at the base of a twill weave, distinguished by another design on one of the formal squares, which is also a classic: the pied-de-poule.
Traditionally, this fabric is made of wool, and nowadays it can also be produced in other fibers, which allows it to be used in more modern and fresher garments in addition to the traditional suit. This is a type of fabric that started to be predominant inside the men's wardrobe, but currently, it has conquered many women.

Check out some of our Prince of Wales Fabrics, like the Pink Prince of Wales 114, the Charcoal Lightweight Prince of Wales Flannel 1954, and the Grey and Black Prince of Wales Fabric 2485.

Lifetime prince of wales fabrics with different designs on one of the formal squares like the pied-de-poule



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