Hypoallergenic Fabrics: Cotton, Microfiber and Suedine


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Hypoallergenic Fabrics: Cotton, Microfiber and Suedine


Some fabrics have a bigger chance to create allergic reactions when in contact with more sensitive skin types.

And, to avoid some of these reactions, there are some fabrics that contribute to the health of more sensitive skins, and these fabrics are called: hypoallergenic fabrics.

Hypoallergenic fabrics have this specific feature because they received a differentiated treatment during their manufacturing process, in order to prevent the proliferation of mites, fungi, viruses or bacteria. These types of fabrics are great for the manufacture of textile articles or children's clothing, as children and babies are more sensitive.


Examples of hypoallergenic fabrics:

  • Cotton

Cotton is an 100% natural fabric and is always exposed to a low amount of chemical products, from its production process to its arrival at the factories. The manufacturing process also reduces the amount of fabric treatment, decreasing the chances of allergic skin and respiratory reactions.

In addition, we know that cotton has a very soft and smooth feel, which allows the most sensitive skins to breathe. This raw material is also malleable and comfortable and these are some of the characteristics that make cotton the principal choice for companies that produce children's clothing and textile products.

  •  Microfiber

Microfiber fabric is also considered a hypoallergenic fabric due to its physical properties.

This is a type of fabric with a nice and very soft touch. It is a very popular fabric for blankets, bedspreads and comforters, as it doesn’t attract mites or fungi.

  •  Suedine

Suedine fabric is made from 100% cotton and is also considered a hypoallergenic fabric. This fabric undergoes delicate cleaning processes, allowing the fabric to be more resistant and softer when used.

This is a fine fabric and much searched for making cooler clothes. This fabric can be machine washed.

Hypoallergenic fabrics are mainly used for children's or baby clothes, but they can also be used and chosen by adults: for bed, bath and also for everyday clothes!

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