How to take care of sheep’s wool garments with 3 questions: how to wash, dry and keep it in your closet.

How to take care of your woolen garments

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How to take care of sheep’s wool garments with 3 questions: how to wash, dry and keep it in your closet.



Wool was the first fiber processed and dyed by man and today, several processes are used for washing, carding and styling this raw material. On the other hand, it is still important to know that there are several categories of wool that vary with the region in which the animal is found, due to variation in food, hygiene, climatic and hereditary conditions.

1. Washing sheep's wool garments

Wool is a delicate product, if washed incorrectly can end up rendering the benefits of the piece unusable. Therefore, you should first find out based on the label of the garment whether it can be washed by hand or machine. 

1.1. How to wash wool sweaters by hand?

If the label says to wash it by hand, or if the garment does not have a label with washing instructions, it is best to wash it by hand so as not to run the risk of spoiling or warping.  In this case, you should use a neutral detergent and water. You can soak the laundry in neutral detergent and water for about 10-15 minutes. Afterwards, you must remove the clothing, and remember that twisting can deform the wool. The best way is to remove the excess water by wrapping it in a white bath towel to avoid staining.

1.2. How to wash woolen clothes in the washing machine?

There is a way to wash some wool clothes in the machine, but some care is necessary. First, make sure the label says the item can be washed in a washing machine. Then, choose the program for clothes or delicate fabrics and place the garment inside a protective clothing bag, in order to further minimize the spin cycle. In this case, you should also use a neutral detergent, in the amount recommended on the garment's label.

2Dry sheep's wool garments

It is critical to dry your woolen clothing properly to maintain its size and shape. Any contact with water can cause the wool to shrink, especially if it is a fine wool. It's a good idea to measure your clothes before washing, so that, if necessary, you can stretch them back to their original size during the drying process. After washing with any of the above washing methods, you can still dry your garment properly if you place your woolen garment on a clean towel and carefully roll up the towel with the garment inside. Then, gently squeeze the towel to absorb excess water from the clothing. Then carefully unroll the towel and remove the clothing. Place the garment on a clean, dry towel or on a horizontal floor line and never hang your woolen clothes! In addition, you should let the piece dry in a cool and airy environment, and not exposed to direct sunlight.

3. How should I store woolen clothes?

Washing and drying are key factors to keep wool in good condition, but there are a few things you can do on a day-to-day basis, such as avoiding over-stretching the garment, creating “pulls” in the knit, cleaning all stains as quickly as possible to prevent them from settling and marking the fabric, among other things.

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