Embroidered Fabrics

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Embroidered fabrics are fabrics decorated with techniques and materials external to the fabric itself.

To make an embroidery, you can use thread, pearls, beads, sequins or any other types of accessories, depending on your intention of the embroidery.

The embroidery technique was born from the tailoring processes, from the practice of patches, and from the reinforcements of the fabrics itself.

However, this technique has developed over time and currently, you can find embroidered fabrics in various parts of the world such as Europe, Asia or even in countries belonging to the Middle East.

This way, we can say that with the evolution of this technique, different types of embroidery emerged, which can be used in almost all fabrics.
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Upcycling and its importance within the fashion world

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In Portuguese, the term upcycling means “reuse on top” and emerged within the scope of circular economy practices, whose aim is to educate consumers to enjoy their material goods to the limit of their capabilities.

Upcycling is a philosophy and a way of being in life that all people should adopt in the face of recurring natural disasters that are observed on our planet and the evident shortage of natural resources.

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Digitalization in Fashion and Sustainability

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Digitalization is a tool or working method that is currently present in many industries, including the fashion and apparel industry.

In fashion, digitalization represents a fundamental and inevitable step towards meeting the needs and desires of increasingly demanding consumers. This way of working will help companies optimize their costs and to be more sustainable, among other things.

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What is Slow Fashion?

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“Slow Fashion” was a concept that emerged in 2004 and it was created by the fashion writer Angela Murrills.

“Slow Fashion” appeared in the fashion world due to major concerns about the sustainability of the industry and in opposition to the expression “Fast Fashion”.

So, if the “Fast Fashion” concept means the fast consumption of clothing items produced industrially on a large scale with a massive exportation view, the term “Slow Fashion” is characterized by the opposite.

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How to have a sustainable closet?

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Sustainability is the central topic of several industries, especially in the fashion sector. Day after day, consumers are more aware about the actions they can take to help the environment and preserve the planet earth.

In this article we are going to talk about 5 steps you can follow to make your closet more sustainable
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